At VSB Consultancy, we understand that the process of moving home can be extremely stressful and time consuming. It can be one of the most important decisions buyers or renters may have to make, as acquiring a new property is both a financial and emotional investment.

The Property Acquisition & Relocation Service which we offer, is a holistic personalised service that focuses on making the process of acquiring a new property and/or relocating as efficient and stress free as possible.

As part of our turnkey services;

  • We successfully source and secure the right opportunities, whether the ideal home, trophy asset or investment, for our clients whilst satisfying every key requirement by using our extensive private On Market and Off Market property network.
  • We expertly negotiate audacious and tactical deals to safeguard our clients’ investments by using our unrivalled market knowledge and expertise.
  • We support our clients by fully managing and overseeing all aspects of the buying and renting process to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • We assist our clients with obtaining Private Finance as we work in partnership with the industry’s most credible financial advisors regulated by the FCA.
  • We introduce our clients to world renowned architects, interior designers and art galleries for any cosmetic needs for their new acquisition.
  • We support with finding appropriate educational institutions for our clients.
  • We continue to provide an aftercare service which aims at supporting our clients in settling in their new property.

Our clients are at the heart of the Property Acquisition & Relocation Service and we pride ourselves in the excellent turnkey solutions that we provide. We do our utmost to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and make our clients’ experience as smooth and stress free as possible. We continue to invest in innovative technologies in the drive for improvement. We value our clients’ feedback as a measure of success. 

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